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Should we be talking?

Should we be talking?

Of course, there are a few obvious reasons we might have to speak to one another: you're moving, you bought a new CAR, ETC., ETC.

But there are other critical times when a short chat will help me protect you better. Here are eight events off the top of my head that should trigger a call to us:

1. Marital separation has profound effects on your car insurance coverage.

2. Divorce means lots to sort out...

3. Refinancing is a good time to review coverage and make sure it's in sync with what the lender requires.

4. Home remodel or improvement—you want to make sure you maintain true “replacement cost”.

5. You're giving a family member or relative one of your cars but keeping it in your name—we have to talk immediately!

6. You've purchased some jewelry, fine art, antiques, guns, a fur coat or an expensive collections—let's make sure we have it listed.

7. You got rid of some jewelry, fine art, antique, etc.—let's make sure you're not wasting premium on something you no longer own.

8. You bought an income rental property—let's make sure your homeowner policy gives you the right liability protection.


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